Kiliaris Run

On Sunday June 30th at 18:00, the charitable organisation of the Municipality of Apokoronas in collaboration with the Runners for Health Club of Hania (SDYH), the prefecture of Hania and local volunteer organisations, is organising an event for people that love sport, nature and entertainment. All participants are able to run, walk or cycle along the river following a family friendly route.

For all races the following will be provided:

  1. Sufficient supply of water.
  2. Adequate markings throughout all routes, with the help of volunteers.
  3. For the 3.5 km race, children will receive a certificate, a T-shirt and entry is free of charge. In addition, there will be a raffle for a bicycle.
  4. For the bicycle ride a certificate and a T-shirt will be given.
  5. Transport will be available from Stylos to Kalyves ,Neo Horio and Armeni.
  6. Volunteers will collect all personal items and safely transport them to the finishing point in the centre of Stylos.
  7. For the participants in the timed races, a certificate, a T-shirt and a medal will be given. In addition, the first three winners of each timed race will be awarded with a winner’s cup.
  8. Relaxing massages for the participants will be provided in the centre of Stylos.
  9. A free babysitting service will be provided in the centre of Stylos for participants with children.
  10. After finishing in Stylos, participants will be treated to local delicacies.

The entry fee is 5 euros for participants over 16 years old. Alternatively, donations of food and other items for the community grocery store of the Municipality of Apokoronas will be gladly accepted.

The Kiliaris Run, which is for nature lovers, is the  sporting event with the highest participation in the area of Apokoronas.

Race Route Information

There are three rather easy routes that are both scenic and interesting, as they run through rich vegetation along the flow of the river Kiliaris. June is the ideal time of the year for such an event, since all trees and plants are in bloom and the river is full of water that comes from the mountains. Walking along the banks of the Kiliaris river, one has the feeling that they are not only wandering through an environment of endless beauty, but also through centuries of local history. This area was essential for daily life in ancient Aptera due to the fact that the river gave ample water for every need. It is a unique and very important nature reserve of the area, rich in fauna such as trout, turtles, migrating birds etc.

The greater area around the river is a place of rich local heritage that reflects all eras of history. It includes numerous monuments, ancient sites, old churches and small monasteries.

Apply for the Run and get the chance to enjoy a wonderful afternoon.

Explore Kiliaris river and the surrounding sites.